Assurance Services

We provide a full range of assurance services that includes:


We provide high quality focused financial audits. These comprise an independent and objective examination and verification of the financial statements to confirm whether the financial statements are fairly presented in all material respects.

This enhances the reliability and credibility of the financial statements presented to your stakeholders.

We develop a customised audit plan, to specifically suit the nature of your business and to address identified risk factors.

The results are then communicated to you to add value and assist you in improving your reporting, systems and growth in your business.

Independent Reviews

An independent review is an alternative assurance engagement where the independent reviewer, who must be a registered member of a professional accounting body, provides limited assurance on a set of annual financial statements.

Our registered SAICA and SAIPA members are able to assist you with an objective and unbiased independent review of your financial statements.


We can provide B-BBEE certificates to all Exempt Micro Enterprises, and can assist with sworn affidavits declaring EME qualification.


We believe that appropriate and focused advice can add value to a business. We have the expertise and resources to provide you with advice to help you add value to your business and systems. Advice is based on information obtained through our services rendered and through continuous consulting and communication with you.


We can provide in-depth valuations of businesses of all sizes and in various industries.

Due Diligence Investigations

We can assist businesses with developing a due diligence procedure manual and perform the due diligence investigation. We treat all such potential transactions with the highest regard for confidentiality, should it be required, since we understand the effect that potential mergers and acquisitions may have on staff.